Uni Norte Participants

Andrea Barrero Muvdi 

Andrea Barrero_photoMy name is Andrea Barrero. I was born and raised in Barranquilla Colombia in 1994, actually I´m studying Industrial Design at Universidad del Norte, during these years of knowledge I´ve developed great interest on project management. I´ve been working on different kinds of events having an emphasis in product design, but the most interesting thing for me is the construction process where I can make things work better. Barranquilleros have a very positive attitude what makes us very active, as is shown we are in constant change and growing every day as a city. I hope Baranquilla can be recognised with all the beautiful thing we have to show the world and the prestige it deserves.

As a designer I can influence this summer school while generating new solutions with a different perspective. It´s very important for me since I was born in this city, to me to look different, so I expect we can make it possible with this research.

Angelica Navarro

Angelica Navarro_photoMy name is Angelica Navarro Vergara, I’m 21 years old, I’m from Santa Marta, Colombia but I studied my college at Barranquilla, recently I finished Industrial Design at Universidad del Norte with knowledge of tridimensional modeling and management of volumetric models in different areas of design, with teamwork skills, passionate for my career and interested in learning and keep growing personally and professionally to put my experience and skills in developing new ideas for the solving of needs.

When I arrived Barranquilla 4 years ago I just thought about my studies but then I knew beautiful people and places in this city, people here is very happy and friendly, so foreign people want to stay here for that, I’m from another city but I feel that Barranquilla made me feel at home in an excellent way. Barranquilla is located in a strategic spot in Colombia, and that’s why a very important part of progress began here. For many years the city development declined but nowadays the city is in a moment of change, when a lot of construction and investments are being made here, and this make the city recover its beauty and make the city become in a very attractive destination for business. Market is near the Magdalena River and for long time was forgotten but with project like this summer school this problematic is changing.

This year is my first experience at summer school and I so exciting to meet new people from other countries and cultures.

Daniella Martinez 

Daniella Martinez_photo

My name is Daniella Martinez, I´m 22 years old and I´m an Industrial Design student at Universidad del Norte. I have a deep love for travelling, meeting new people, their culture and languages. My life has been spread throughout the United States, Argentina and Colombia; which has caused in me certain curiosity about what we can learn from other countries and apply to our own context. I´ve recently picked up French again, hoping to improve my speaking. As for my professional aspirations, my ultimate goal is to work in Toy Design; though I´m also interested in Design Management, Manufacturing and Social Design.

Regarding the public markets in Barranquilla, they´re an important place for trade and have a lot to offer, things you can´t find in the upper parts of the city. Unfortunately, they´re not pleasant because of the bad odor, poor hygiene and crowded spaces; which make people avoid them and prefer to pay higher prices elsewhere. This summer school is a great opportunity to receive insights from others and come up with innovative ideas that can get us closer to solving the problem, making Barranquilla´s public market a place to enjoy.

Diostenes De La Hoz

Diostenes de la Hoz_photo

My name is Diostenes De La Hoz. I am 22 years old, and I am a passionate person for the analysis of the international system amid a globally interconnected world. For this reason, I have decided to join the excellent and accredited International Relations Program at the Universidad del Norte in order to understand in a better way the economic, political and social problems of the contemporary world. My entrepreneurial verve has allowed me to develop significant achievements in complex situations. Therefore, by joining my training, experience and talent I’ll be willing to seek solutions to the social problems surrounding the city market.

Laura Medina Guzman

Laura Medina_photo I am Laura K. Medina Guzmán and I am 21 years old. Nowadays I am studying architecture at Uninorte. About my career, I am very interested on social development of the cities that included the technology, environment and culture. On the other hand I have been learning and practicing by myself about 3D parametric design, softwares like Rhino and Grasshopper and a few things about new technologies on architecture.

I am from Cartagena de Indias and I love my city because there you can find history and a lot of people from abroad. Although I have lived in Barranquilla for 6 years, is a good city for living it has the better education, health and infrastructure of the region. However, Barranquilla has disadvantages: there are many poverty in the south, the river Magdalena has been polluted by industry and the history center has been forgotten by citizens.

Near the center  is the Public Market, this place is disorganized, contaminated and doesn’t have a good infrastructure. In spite of all the problems this place has a lot of opportunities due to its location next to de river  has been attracting investors for the last years. In addition the Public Market can become on a center of meeting between the north and the south of Barranquilla in relation with business this way we can break the differences of these two parts of the city.

Gabriela Munoz Barrios

Screenshot 2015-06-20 15.54.37My name is Gabriela Muñoz, born in Barranquilla, Colombia, I am an 8th semester graphic design student. I am 18 years old and since I was a child I always wanted to study something related with the art world.

Through all my experience at Uninorte apart from my designs subjects, I´ve been taking courses related with history and especially art history. I really love these topics and everything that is related with it. Also I´m a pattern and type lover, so I´m always doing some sketches to practice. As part of this city I believe that Barranquilla has a highly potential to overcome its problems. So I´m very interested to give some ideas that could help my city to be better. Also I think that the center of Barranquilla and its market have a special magic with rich culture and social values that make it a really interesting place.

Greys Paola Acosta Pena

Greys Acosta_photoMy name is Greys Acosta, born in Sincelejo, Colombia. I´m a graphic design student and a lover of branding and type. Also I’m a big fan of Queen. Actually I´m living at Barranquilla where I´m studying at Uninorte.

I´m 21 years old and I´m in my last semester. So far I´ve been interested in learn more about the city. I enjoy doing many things, keeping me busy, researching and reading about different topics. For this reason I´m excited to attend this summer school and have the opportunity to know different nations about the situation of urban area, especially about markets in the tropics. Barranquilla has a lot of potential, is full of cultural and social values. So I want to share my experience and build a vision that could help to the future of this city.

Henry Rodriguez Osorio 

Henry Rodriguez_photoMy name is Henry Rodríguez Osorio, I´m 21 years old. During my free time I used to cook, in fact I do have a degree in cuisine at Gato Dummas in Barranquilla. Since I had memory I´ve been interested in how the city works and how they develop in time, all this interest made me be part of Catedra Barranquilla last year, I was like a congress when different type of people came to explain and show the city has been growing.

I’m 8th semester student of Industrial Engineer at Universidad del Norte interested in areas like quality, logistics and distribution. I have experience in Systems’ like Microsoft office and statgraphics, besides of my advanced knowledge in English. Some of my skills are responsibility, commitment, self-motivated, with a high level of leadership. Interested in the generation of new ideas focused on the improvement of processes. I am a person with an excellent development of social skills, able to lead others in demanding circumstances and remain calm in stressful situations.

Johana Paola Gonzalez Amalfi 

Johana Gonzalez_photoMy name is Johana Gonzalez Amalfi, I´m 21 years old. I’m from Barranquilla Colombia and I study International Relations at Uninorte. I´m excited about this project because I think that it is the perfect opportunity to take part of an activity that could have a real impact in our community. As an International Relations Student, I feel enthusiastic about cooperation and its impact in real life. I´m sure this summer school as a multicultural project will open our minds to new ways to perceive the world and will give us new eyes to see our own city in order to influence decision makers and improve markets environment.

Kelly Lei Lei 

Kelly Lei_photoHello, my name is Kelly Lei Lei and I recently finished 7th semester of Industrial Engineer. I am 20 years old. I come from Barranquilla (Colombia) where I live with my parents and brothers (chinese people) I am an exotic person: I was born in Colombia to chinese parents and I speak Spanish, English, Portuguese and different dialects from China.

I had have the opportunity to travel to different countries (United States, Brazil and China) and I realized that Barranquilla is a industrial city with a growing economy where I as Industrial Engineer could improve the actual situation around the public market of Barranquilla. The main problems in the public market of Barranquilla are the garbage and invasion of public space. Also the deteriorating buildings and the public places are suffering health problems, odors and sewage, mainly because their floor are blow the “caño de la ahuyama”. I’m interested in improving the market and improve the conditions of public place, with traders and government intervention, able to generate a truly sustainable urban develop.

Martha Castilla Riasco 

Martha Castilla_photoMy name is Martha Castilla Riasco, I´m from Barranquilla, Colombia. I study at Universidad del Norte, where I recently finished my last semester of Architecture. As an architecture student, I´m really interested in the urban development of the city where I live, considering economic, social and cultural strategies and sustainable proposals that promote an efficient model of city.

I´m very excited about this summer school because we are going to do some work about a very important topic; markets in the tropic. As a citizen from a tropical city, I consider that a project formulated from different careers, countries and ages may represent a significant contribution for the city and the local government. I consider that the central Market in Barranquilla influences different economic and social fields that could represent a change in future scenarios and development areas and this opportunity is a useful space to interact with different people and create interesting proposals.

Maria Fernanda Guzman Gordon 

Maria Guzman_photoMy name is Maria Fernanda Guzman Gordon, I am 21 years old and I am from Barranquilla, Colombia, Where I successfully finished my last semester of architecture program at Universidad del Norte. Since young age I’ve been inclined and interested on arts, design and innovation so my first career option was architecture because of the impact it can make in the cities through the design.

Looking ahead of my career I would like to focus my studies on sustainability, it has-been real interest and responsibility for me to implement on my projects. I am totally convinced that environmental problems can be solved through design if it takes social commitment. Barranquilla is a city with great potential, its economy is based on commerce and this sectors of economy have a big influence in the city on social behavior and culture fields.

The commercial sector in the city has been growing up and developing, strengthening the city and building capacity on the other side, but the commerce boom has brought casual situations where the trading system have taken places where it is not allowed and here is the problem and becomes a public issue, where the casual societies and markets invade the public space, which is the main object of analysis In this summer school.

Natalia Sanchez Portela 

Natalia Sanchez_photoMy name is Natalia Sánchez Portela. I am 22 years old. I am an 8th semester Graphic Design student. Since I started the research for my graduation project ,I have been involved with the inclusion concept with I think is an important idea to look at, because Barranquilla has to improve the way they offer the city to their citizens, taking into account the percentage of Barranquilleros with disabilities.

I am excited about this summer school, because I have the opportunity to meet new people from my own city and also from another countries, with different skills and studies. Where we are going to have a great experience sharing all our knowledge in a real life situation and environment.

Ricardo Fuentes Borrero 

Ricardo Fuentes_photoMy name is Ricardo Fuentes Borrero, I´m 22 years old, currently I’m a student of Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla, Colombia. I´m in the Civil Engineering undergraduate program and also in the Economics Program, both in Uninorte. I´m a very active, persistent, organized and focus person, one of my main interests in the construction of different types of infrastructure such as is stadiums, buildings, roads, within others. However, one of my passions is the generation of change in Barranquilla, because since I´ve memory I´ve always lived in Barranquilla and suffered all the issues related to transport, rain, poor sanitary conditions in many zones of the city, for example. Related to the markets in Barranquilla personally I´ve lived the conditions of the different centers, public centers and totally the opposite in private centers. I consider that the development of the city is bounded to the performance of the different economic sectors, such as the commerce. Acknowledging the advantages that Barranquilla has within the region due to the Magdalena River it’s clear that the market needs to take advantage of this and boost itself, thus the city ad a global.

Vanessa Pineres 

Vanessa Piñeres_photo

I´m 32 years old and most of this time I have lived in Barranquilla. After high school I decided to study psychology. However at some points in my studies, I realized that my real interests laid in the interactions between people, especially in the urban contexts, rather than in the unending complexities of personality.

This interest led me to work for Edubar (the urban development  company of the city) where I first engaged with the deep urban problems of Barranquilla, from a public sector perspective. This experience led me to later on work at city hall, where my knowledge of Barranquilla grew and also my interest in urban development interventions. However I soon came to the conclusion that however stimulating I found the work, I was lacking the tools to really contribute to the solutions of my city’s problems. I needed to study further to find the answers.  In 2012 I went to Brazil to pursue a master in public policy with an emphasis in urban development at the Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro.  For three years I learned many things about governments and the ways power operates. Today, despite not having all the answers to Barranquilla’s problems, now more than ever, I am committed to work in the creation of new urban realities for the people of my city.

You can download the profiles of the Uni Norte participants here:  Uninorte Profiles_2015-06-13

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