Student Assistants

Evelyn Castellon – Uni Norte 

Evelyn Castellon_photoMy name is Evelyn Castellón and I’m a 21 year old architecture student at Universidad del Norte. From Barranquilla, Colombia. I recently finished 8th semester which corresponds to the 3rd semester focused on urbanism, since that I’ve developed interest in this area specially on improving ways for raising quality and the standard of life through environmental and urban design.

This year’s summer school will be the second one I’ll be participating, even more interested on it, because I’m currently doing some research for my graduation project which is based on designing a market in a central area located in the southwestern part of Barranquilla.

Since I decided I wanted to study architecture I always thought of doing something that could help my city, turning it into a better and more viable place to live. Therefore I think approaches and interventions like this can make a huge difference, showing multiple solutions to issues so possible decision makers can take them into account and develop some strategies.

This summer school will be the perfect opportunity to meet new people and learn from their experiences through a cultural exchange.

Elias Estermann – ETH Zürich 

Elias Estermann_photoMy name is Elias Estermann and I am graduating as Master in Environmental Science this summer. I’m from the center of Switzerland, from a city called Lucerne.My specialization is in Human-Environmental Systems. Recently I was working in the market of Barranquilla for my Master’s Thesis, where I conduct a system analysis with tools from different disciplines. I hope to support this year’s summer school in terms of expertise in the market and my knowledge about transdisciplinary working. I’m looking forward to meet you in Barranquilla!

Marcella Gallo – Uni Norte 

Marcela Gallo_photo

My Name is Marcela Gallo I am from Barranquilla and I am 23 years old. Lived in Barranquilla my whole life and I’m really interest in making important changes through its development. I am an Industrial Designer and currently an Architecture Student, with many interest in the behavior of the society and the way us, humans, interact and react to the surroundings.  For me is kind of finding answers written into people´s customs.

The Barranquilla’s markets are fascinating, but has well known problems and much potential. They are located in a strategic place and it has so many histories to tell, its evolution it pretty much of its own kind and the adaptive methods of the whole trade system is really interesting because it extends in various ways influencing an economic, social and cultural environment. A huge percent of the families of Barranquilla, nearby towns profit from these markets, is a substantial place of many people lives.

Maria Failach – Uni Norte 

Maria Failach_photo

My name is Maria Isabel Failach, I´m from Monteria, Colombia; I´ve been living in Barranquilla since I was 14 year old. I studied at Universidad del Norte, where I recently finished 8th semester of Architecture, during these years of knowledge I´ve developed great interest on urban design and interior design.

As a student, I´m interested in the urban development in Barranquilla and also the city when I was born, taking into account the social, cultural, economic, sustainable and innovative aspect that may help de development of the city.

I´m really interested in the summer school because we are going to be able to develop ideas about markets in the tropics. Having the opportunity to meet people from another countries, different careers and with many skills that all together may have a project that could be a significant contribution for Barranquilla. I consider that the market has a big impact in the city because there was where Barranquilla was born.

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