Barranquilla is not as safe as Zurich. We suggest that you remain in groups when visiting the city, and recommend that you are accompanied by students from the Universidad del Norte and take the following precautions:

Look after your belongings as you would in any other large city.

Let guides and Universidad del Norte members suggest the best places to go.

Be extra cautious in crowded places – buses, concerts, malls etc. Make sure that all documents, cash, valuables, mobiles etc are tucked safely away.

If you use public transport, take it from terminals and other designated starting points.

If you want to take a cab, call one up, or go to an authorized rank or stand.

Travelers’ Checks are not widely used. It is easier to carry credit or debit cards, or just cash. But, try not to carry all of them on you at the same time, and keep cash and valuables you don’t need immediately in the hotel safe.

If you need to change money, do so at a bank or official exchange bureau – and not on the street; the banks and bureaus are in airports, shopping malls and in some hotels. The hotels themselves and the tourist information desks can point you to them.

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