Registration Uni Norte 

In order to complete our registration at Uni Norte the  following needs to be send back to Maria Ubierna( before next Wednesday 17th June 

1) The completed form (name_UniNorteForm.pdf)  Download: UniNorteForm

2) A photo or copy of your passport page with ID details (name_passport.jpeg)

3) In the core of the email, tell us what your blood group is.

Tips for filling out the form: no need to include the photo, only fill in sections I, II, III, ignore the general application documents

Check List 

Thank you for having sent all of this to Maria Ubierna (

1. A short biography of yourself including a sentence on your expectations of the program, 100-200 words. (word doc. titled  surname_bio) 

2. An upper body colour photo of yourself in high definition (jpeg doc titled surname_photo)

3. Billing address (only if it is different to the one on your CV). 

4. Your arrival ticket to Barranquilla. Ideally you should plan to arrive by Saturday 4th July, a city tour is planned on Sunday 5th.  (Pdf doc titled surname_ticket)

5.  The attached disclaimer signed and scanned (Pdf doc titled surname_Insurance) 20150602_Insurance&Liability

Travel Scholarships 

We have discussed travel scholarships for Markets in the Tropics directly with the scholarships office, and recommend that you apply. We are providing you with this template letter to simplify the procedure. Return the completed template to Maria Ubierna by the 10th June, and it will be returned signed and with a support letter.



Who could apply?

Enthusiastic students currently enrolled in a masters program in ETH Zurich and Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla Colombia.
A balanced group of 12 ETH master students from the D-ARCH, D-USYS and D-BAUG departments will be selected. They will be joined by 12 Colombian students from our partner university in Barranquilla, Universidad del Norte. Applicants should have a strong interest in sustainable urban development and trans disciplinary collaborative research. They should be able to demonstrate their academic strength, motivation, interest and expertise. Knowledge of Spanish is welcomed but not obligatory.

Application from ETH Students 

Applications should be submitted to Alice Hertzog by May 30th (pdf format to Please send a curriculum vitae including a short personal statement on your motivation to participate in the Summer School (150 – 200 words). ETH Architecture students are required to submit their portfolios, (pdf format to


The ETH Zurich accredits successful completion of the course with 4 (four) ECTS credit points. To do so they much sign up to the following course on their online platform:

051-0821-15L Summer School: Avenues in the Tropics – Barranquilla, Colombia


ETH participants will be charged a fee of 300 CHF to cover local activities, travel and accommodation. Students will be responsible for organising visa, health insurance, and transportation to and from Barranquilla. Flights to Barranquilla from Zurich cost approximately 1800 CHF.


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