Newspaper distribution in the market


The summer school ended with a final visit to the central market on Friday evening where we distributed the produced newspaper. It was a special task for all of us to provide the market sellers with our  colorful product that was written and designed during the last days and nights.  We were not sure how the sellers would perceive our interpretation of “their” market  and also our disigned visions for the center of Barranquilla.


As soon as we started with the distribution of the newspaper in the market, all eyes were on us. Everyone wanted to know and especially see what we had to share!  Sellers and customers started flipping through the paper and recognized people and places on  the photographs. In some occasions the newspaper led to a gathering of people around it. People started to discuss and were impressed by our work.


Some of the people even asked us if we were the Swiss and Colombian students working in the market the last days. Especially a policeman recognized us and asked for several newspaper he wants to share at his police station.


The 100 newspaper we had with us were distributed within no time. On the way back  a feeling of great satisfaction came up inside us. We were able to give the people who helped and supported us during the last days something back. Our hard work had a real impact in the market system and was highly appreciated by the people living in the center. We could start a discussion between the authorities and the market people about the future of this flowering and colorful market in Barranquilla.

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