The big day has finally arrived!

By Johana and Denise


We learned a lot, we interacted with local people, we worked with passion, we did our best to understand the market and propose valid scenarios for its future and the time has come to present the result of this process to those who can actually take us one step further, the decision makers. The meeting was held in the restaurant “1966” at UniNorte. Impatience and anxiety were in the air while we were preparing the poster exhibition. When everything was ready, the presentation started. The groups communicated very well their visions and they received an unexpected welcoming from the part of all the decision makers. The different scenarios generated an active discussion during which important aspects of the projects were pointed out and possible strategies for implementation were proposed. Our mission has been accomplished: we built a bridge between the stakeholders and the decision makers and we revealed the opportunities of the market and its importance as a strong element of the local identity. But most importantly we showed that the young people of the city really care for its problems and they are ready to defend their will for change. The night closed with a beautiful representation of Barranquilla’s carnival that transformed our discussion table into an original Caribbean fiesta. We dance with Marimondas, Negritras puloy and Joselito at the sound of Cumbia, Garabato and “la pollera colora”. The culture of Barranquilla carried us away.


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