Preparing for the presentation to the market actors

by Laura and Maria


The whole morning was dedicated to plan the stakeholders’ meeting. After a hard effort during the previous day and night, our material was ready! We had just completed our product design: vision, project, variables, implementation and sustainability issues. But we still had to design the presentation and print the posters! The groups with the different scenarios gathered all information together and hold a test presentation. We identified issues in the visualization of the presentation that we discussed within the groups but also with our tutors. As members of a big team, we defined what each person had to do for the meeting with the stakeholders. We made sure that everyone in the team had a specific role: presenters, notetakers, reporters, model animators and poster masters. We had to work quickly and efficiently until the last moment in order to have everything ready when the market actors arrived.

It was time to present the project to the stakeholders! We left Uni Norte to meet the stakeholders at the Caribbean Museum, but we had not imagined the surprise which awaited us on our arrival to the meeting place: a non-ventilated room in the bottom of the museum!

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