Working until midnight

by María Fernanda and Sergio


After agreeing on the final details of each scenario on Tuesday morning, in the afternoon all the deliverables needed to be finished. These included a presentation and various posters which will be presented at the meetings with stakeholders and decision makers. The presentation includes the following six slides: vision, project, implementation, variables, sustainability and a team picture. The difficulty was to concentrate all the ideas and specifications of the project in only these six slides. Maps, figures, tables and text were realized by the students and be delivered to the visualization team. While the visualization team designed the layout for presentation and poster, another group of students was in charge of finding an agreement for the most important variables which should be showed during the presentation. Time was running and everybody put in a great effort to finish things on time. Nevertheless the deadline at 5:30 pm was too optimistic. But after a tasty pizza things got better. At 11:30 pm all the posters were ready for printing and the students finally left the campus.

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