Teamwork at its best

by Henry and Daniella


This afternoon the students group was divided into the areas of specialty: architecture, environmental sciences, engineering, designers, among others; with the goal to define the different features of each scenario that will be presented to the stakeholders on Wednesday. Each discipline worked on the specificities associated to their discipline; designers-visualization, architects-urban planning, environmental sciences-environmental issues, engineers-traffic, international relations-economic data and so on. Working with people that speak the same “language” (discipline wise), that can give you feedback about subjects you are all familiar with, facilitates production. Though, it was also very important that each disciplinary group communicated with the other groups to share information. We noticed how much we depended on each other since some groups couldn’t move on without the others input; we also had to make sure everyone was on the right page and aiming towards the same goal. At the end of the day everyone got a clearer concept of their scenario; new variables were defined apart from the ones that were shown in the morning, which helped describe the scenarios and imagine a broader picture in our heads. Activities done in the market, formality, public space, type of users, densification and symbolic identity were taken into account. With that being said, Tuesday should be very a productive day!

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