First sketches of scenarios for Barranquilla’s Market

By Andrea Barrero & Mikal Müller

 20150713_114114 20150713_120239

The second week of the Summer School started at once with a rather intense Monday morning during which the three groups deepened their scenario development. Each group then presented the basic idea of the chosen scenario including also the necessary variables for its description. The result out of this first round were three scenarios with already quite a good variety of different aspects. Still, all of them have to be defined more clearly. Especially the collected variables had to be standardized in order to make them applicable to all three scenarios, so that comparability between the scenarios later can be ensured. Not exactly a trivial task, as it turned out during the discussion. All results were then again presented and discussed in plenum.


The first rough draft of scenarios for this morning ranged from the creation of a contemporary market with relocation of the wholesale market through a gentle transformation, building on the existing right up to maintaining the actual state with targeted improvements focusing especially on a participatory process. Following the presentation each group was given a short feedback and hints on how to proceed, not only from the tutors and professors, but also from students of the other groups. It was clear that an afternoon of hard work was still waiting for us…

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