Scenario production!

By Runa & Natalia

On Friday afternoon we finally started producing our three scenarios and now we’re in the middle of it, getting our hands dirty and taking difficult decisions.

Looking back, last week was a highly exciting time with a lot of new enriching experiences. By using the theory of the Dérive, we managed to collect some very useful data. This rather qualitative approach is now allowing us to design different scenarios without having to know every single detail of the area, even if we sometimes still secretly wish for some hard facts…

In the end, everybody has his own little mental map of the market in Barranquilla. The most difficult now is to combine every single mental map and create a coherent idea of a future market. So we tried to organize our data and sketch three different futures for the market. Every group had quite different ways of arranging the collected information, but surprisingly they all complemented each other without to many repeating topics.

scenario production friday pm

The ideas from Friday can now matured over the weekend in Cartagena and are hopefully becoming more and more precise. Let’s see what we’re able to produce in two more days before the next stakeholder meeting!


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