A night out in Barranquilla

By Angelica & Max

On Friday night the Colombians guided the summer school group through the nightlife in Barranquilla. We all met at Frog nightclub. A screen as big as a bam door and the excessive use of the AC lead to the “imaginary” of a cinema inside a refrigerator. I dare claim that the place has been decorated by a relatively poorly gifted designer. This may be one reason why we made up rather more than half of the guests. But this is all not of high importance. What matters is the creation of a sociable atmosphere. For these situations Colombia’s national drink – Aguardiente – was invented. This is some kind of “Schnapsch” with a taste similar to poison. Supported by Aguardiente the Colombians could successfully manage the Swiss to move a little bit and some almost danced! All in all everybody had a great time.


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