“Filling the Puzzle”

By Denise and Johanna


After our insight in the Barranquilla Market, on Friday morning we met again in our “laboratory” at UniNorte in order to sort and analyze all the data we had gathered. It is amazing how much we learnt during Thursday’s interviews! In groups we shared all our findings and we tried to retrieve any kind of information, from our notes, recordings, photos and videos of the previous day. Some information matched and others not, proving how complex is this system and how many different aspects we need to take into consideration before we proceed to our proposals. Little by little we attempted to fill the puzzle of the market categorizing the different actors, their interests and how their role determines the daily dynamic of the market. The stories of the people enlightened us about the management and organization of the market and therefore we were able to follow the routes of the goods from their production, through the market and to their final destinations, such as families, restaurants etc. We realized how many different systems exist in parallel such as transportation and storage, supplies, maintenance, security, and based on the experiences that the stakeholders shared with us, we tried to figure out some possibly malfunctioned parts of them that result to the current situation in the market. In the end of this analyzing process we were able to form an overview of the Baranquilla market and the systems that comprise it. After the presentation of our conclusions we were ready to start with the formation of our scenarios!


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