The real actors of the downtown market

by Martha Castilla & María Paula Celia

On Thursday morning, different activities were realized in several areas of  Barranquilla´s market. First, groups of six students were built up and spread all over the historic center to collect information and conduct interviews with different stakeholders from the area.

VIRB Picture

Students interviewing a seller in the market of Barranquilla

VIRB Picture

Different services are provided in the market. Here for example, a hairdresser offers his service.

VIRB Picture

Fruits are presented in an attractive way

This collection of information was later exchanged in groups and obvious issues were discussed. Out of these discussions, questions and comments for the upcoming stakeholder meeting during the afternoon were prepared.

We continued with the collection of information, making observations and conducting interviews on a second visit in the market area. It was really interesting to identify that the market is full of different customers and sellers, they all have different perceptions about the market and the downtown itself. We met people from different parts of the country, different genders, ages and also families that live and work in this area . They all have different perceptions, opinions, wishes and fears about the market. But they also have similar opinions about the improvement of security and sanity, that is needed! This activity was a great opportunity to identify real issues and potential solutions that can improve Barranquilla´s market development.

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