Emerita Esposito, the meat seller in the mercado

by Elias Estermann


In the meat wholesale I could conduct an interview with Mrs.Emerita. She has rented one of the stalls in the market hall on Barranquillita. At five o’clock in the morning she arrives on Calle 30 by bus. She livesin Soledad, in the neighborhood called Salamanca, so her one-way travel time is about 40 minutes. When she arrives, she picks up the ordered meat that is delivered from the slaughterhouse “Camaguey” in Galapa by refrigerated trucks to Barranquillita. Mrs. Emerita sells meat in the market since 42 years and she has four children and eight grandsons. When I was there she had offal from cow in offer: Lung, liver, heart, legs, spleen, tripe and kidney. A seller right next to Mrs Emerita, called Virgilia Espitia, had also eyes, tongue and bull testicles in his assortment.

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