Different Perspectives

by María Fernanda Guzmán and Sergio Brawand

During Wednesday morning different activities were realized in the campus of the Universidad del Norte, in the first instance they took place in a classroom where in pairs an analysis of a market in the world was made, collecting relevant information of the choosen market ( previously searched for Task 01 ) this collection of material was made ​​for later creating a poster from pictures , graphic elements , phrases and technical documents of each market chosen by each couple


The posters were made and exhibited on pannels simulating stands, where everyone in the whole group and tutors could watch the information while a member of each group explained the importance of the market, the transformation and similarities and differences between each choosen market and Barranquilla’s market.


This activity was of great importance because each market that was analyzed and presented are potential references for the development of activities for the analysis , diagnosis and conclusions about the current state of the market in Barranquilla and its possible transformation.

At the same time a group of students had the chance to attend a skype conference with Veronica Uribe Burcher, transport director of Medellin. Medellin is the second biggest city in Colombia and there are city improvements going on as well. Veronica gave us insight to different parts of this project and told us important rules if planning such a big project. Key points are working in phases, spending the money smartly and building confidence with investors about the project’s success. There is a post  about this conference with Veronica Uribe following in this blog.

In order to share all the knowledge gained the day before we set ourselves up in “specialist”-groups and discussed the problems concerning the different fields. Later every group started to build their wall with the key-problems.

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