Critical thinking after mapping: the interpretation of Barranquilla’s market

by Laura and Maria

 Wednesday afternoon, we continued on data analysis through working in groups. We tried to tackle the complex problems of the market from different points of view. Drivers and Urban Scouts identified landmarks, barriers, roads, and nodes. Questions about issues of identity, built environment, accessibility, mobility, and public space in the area of the market were raised. Head Hunters and Diary Keepers talked about the people who live and work in the market. The market was perceived as a social map in relation to the stratification of the city. Environmental Rangers and Box keepers approached problems of water, pollution, garbage, the “Cano” and its “Arroyo”. Cameramen and Sensitive Explorers recorded smells, pyramids of fruits, music from “pick-ups”, the noise of the vehicles and discussions between people. We sat all together and discussed. We worked on the edge of our disciplines and try to respond to particular questions set by other disciplines. We understood our missing data and shaped questions for the stakeholders.


After the discourse on the urban, social, environmental, and empirical dimensions of the market, Marisabella De Castro Abello introduced the notions of Service Design and Design Thinking. The assumption is that the market is a service, which should be useful, usable and desirable. The involvement of the stakeholders in our work is the key to bring an urban scenario to the ground. The touchpoint between the imagined and the real is the conducting part of the project. We realized the value of user-centrality, co-creativity, evidencing, sequencing, and a holistic approach to the market. The summer school becomes more and more interesting. We are ready and prepared to dive once again in the market and challenge ourselves.


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