Back at UniNorte: Exchange of market experiences

by Laura, Greys & Diostenes

The morning was gone and an overwhelming mix of feelings from the market impressions stayed in our minds. These impressions and feelings we now had to transver into something tangibel. This was the perfect moment to collectively identify the breathtaking situations we lived in the morning.

For this reason, once back at Universidad del Norte, we were asked to represent the market impressions hrough one market-character. Every single detail, behavior or story around the character was a result of each team’s analysis. The results were  impressive. From the creative fly, telling its market experiences, to the market seller shouting his daily offer, to the pig lying in Barranquilla’s marketstreets – every character showed its authenticity and relation to the morning experiences.

Through overlying the observations of each discipline (urban, environmental, social and sensitive map), hot spot areas of the market could were identified. Then, it was time to write some conclusions and put it in a moodboard, which is a tool to visualize our ideas and communicate them in an efficient way.

Late in the afternoon, we had the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful picnic riches by different colors, sizes and flavorsof the fruits and vegetables we found in the Market. They were presented on the tables under the bamboo-construction of the university. Just to give a small selection of the fresh tastes: Mango, Torombolo, Mamon, Maracuyá, Papaya, among others.

DSC06328   DSC06330


A memorable tropical feeling with lots of tasty things certainly gave to some (swiss) students a sense of “markets in the tropics” and for all it was a healthy choice to finish the third day of this summer!

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