Barranquilla in a Box

by Andrea Barrero & Mikal Müller

On Monday’s afternoon we got a review about the overall methodology which we will apply, the ambitions and the goals of the summer school 2015. One main goal will be that we learn the meaning of working inter-departmentally, cross-culturally, and trans-disciplinarily. Therefore, to get a better understanding of these terms each group got assigned one term and had to decorate a box corresponding to the term assigned. This trend box will be taken to the fieldwork consisting of the drifting through the market of Barranquilla on the next day to collect important information.


We then received instructions about what we were going to do the next day in the fieldwork. Groups of eight to nine persons consisting of Colombian and Swiss students from different departments were built and every group member got a pin with his/her role for the next day. We then tried it out by doing a short drift on the Uni Norte campus, so we had the chance to find out if the tasks assigned to each group member were clear and to ask any questions. To conclude the day we met again in the workroom and discussed our visions and ideas for the market which we had been sketching earlier this day.Visual_2_060715_PM

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