An interesting morning raising questions to answer in the following two weeks

by David and Ricardo

We started the week by visiting the UniNorte Campus. There we attended lectures about different aspects we should have in mind when developing scenarios for the future of the central market in Barranquilla. First Professor Armando Silva talked about the concept of imaginary cities. We learned that when analysing cities it’s not only about the physical city but also about the hopes, passions and memories of each person in it too. The concept of imaginaries itself can help us realize that reality is modelled with our imagination.


Afterwards two lecturers focused more on the situation in Barranquilla itself. Christian Acevedo talked about the structure and economic factors of the central market presenting the reality of Barranquilla’s Market, making us more aware of which type of changes we should make, which type of culture the people has, how does popular idiosyncrasy works, further more a way to take advantage of this. On the other side, Ricardo Vives as representative of the city hall shared a more institutional view with us, showing us that the city is pointing towards the development of the downtown of the city, furthermore we can feel a need to answer some questions as: what should we do with the market? Should we change it? Should we remove it? The last two lectures emphasized on the importance of transport systems for the functionality of markets, Javier Ortigosa more in a general way while Julián Acevedo talked about the transports in in downtown Barranquilla itself, letting us know about the transportation requirements in these areas, due to the attraction of trips toward this zones.

All these lectures raised diverse questions we should consider in the coming two weeks:

Why does the city centre attract so much people and why go people buy stuff at the central market? What quality does the urban space have at the moment? What are the effects that changes in the market will have on transport and logistics? And finally what should be changed, what should be conserved and what should be added at the public market in general?

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