Bocas de Ceniza, an eternal love between the Rio Magdalena and the Caribbean Sea

by Kelly and Alessio

It’s our first time in Barranquilla, our first adventure in Barranquilla. Finally, we arrived in the fisher neighbourhood Las Flores and immediately something caught our attention, there were various curious trains in front of us.


The artisanal trains run on old rails in the middle of the natural landscape of Bocas de Ceniza. Travel through the handmade train, you can appreciate the magnificent scenery: the river and the sea at the same time. Despite the engine noise and the strong jolt that causes our body to shake. Also we saw a curious form of fishing: the fishermen use a kind of rod compound of a kite, a suspended bottle and some hooks. When a fish is caught, the bottle sinks into the sea and that alerts the fisherman. The train arrives until a certain stretch where we must to continue walking, during the trip we can also see the simple houses of the fishermen, a lot of rocks and some animals as crabs and snails. The inclement sun, the fresh breeze and the singular scenery make our trek less hard.

After approximately 20 minutes, finally we arrived and saw the great phenomenon of the Rio Magdalena flows into the Mar Caribe, it is a privilege that few persons can appreciate.SAMSUNG

I feel so sad because Bocas de Ceniza is very careless: difficult to access, old trains, rusty rails, trashes and the surrounding poverty seriously affect the tourism and the region’s economy.

Despite the abandonment of the government, the friendly and cheerful persons and the singular landscape of Bocas de Ceniza (union between the river and the sea) made that a place worth visiting.

Summer School Group

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